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Here at WRMU, we know that our fans love social media as much as we do! Here are a few ways to contact us or hear more about what we’re up to.

You can always friend us on Facebook — we are MORE than happy to be your friend 🙂

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @WRMU to read our updates. Don’t worry, we don’t just Tweet about music. Follow us to learn about Purple Raider sports, Mount Union updates, or anything else going on in the world!

Aside from, we also have a page affiliated with Mount Union; check out our school page here.

And don’t forget about our music! Feel free to request a song, any song you’d like to hear, and it can be heard on WRMU (80’s, 90’s and 2000’s Monday – Friday, Oldies on weekends, and random formats during our R91 shows!)

Are you having a campus event that you’d like us to DJ?  Fill out a form here, and we will get back with you!



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